The other day when Lisa asked me to pick up some odds and ends from the grocery store, I had a whim. A month or so ago I picked up a bean salad that had feta cheese and other ingredients at the grocery store deli. I thought, I can make something similar; however, keep out the flavors that we did not like that were in the grocery store salad. I walked down the bean isle and grabbed three cans, turned right and grabbed a box of pasta, and thought about the spices I had in the fridge. I came home, mixed it up, and pit it in the fridge… I think Lisa was skeptical at first the next day. Midday through the day I received the following text from Lisa:

“3 bean salad was delicious!!!! That one is a keeper :0)”


– 1 box Bow Tie Pasta
– 1 can Great Northern Beans
– Good Seasons Italian Salad Dressing with Cruet
– 1 can Black Eyed Peas
– 1 can Red Beans
– 1/2 tablespoon Garlic Salt
– 1 tablespoon Basil
– 1 tablespoon Oregano
– 1 cup Water

1) In a large saucepan combine water, red beans, black eyed peas, and northern beans and bring to a boil. Remember to stir constantly to avoid beans from sticking together or to the saucepan. 20140410-083716.jpg

2) At the same time the beans are cooking, cook the pasta to taste.

3) Once the beans reach a boil allow them to cook for approximately 5 minutes (stirring constantly).

4) When the beans are done cooking, use a colander to rinse and cool with cold water in the sink and place beans in a large bowl.

5) Once the pasta is complete, use a colander to rinse and cool with cold water in the sink and place in the large bowl with the beans.

6) Mix up your Italian dressing and pour the entire cruet into the bowl.  Mix noodles and beans with Italian dressing.

7) Add remaining spices (you can add more or less per your taste) and mix with beans, noodles and dressing.

8) Refrigerate for a minimum 4 hours.  I prefer overnight or 24 hours.

9) Enjoy!



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